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Steel Panther - On The Prowl

11 FEB 2023
Steel Panther - On The Prowl


De Amerikaanse glam/hardrock band Steel Panther brengt op vrijdag 24 februari 2023 zijn gloednieuwe (6e) studio-album ‘On The Prowl’ uit, de opvolger van het album ‘Heavy Metal Rules‘ uit 2019.


‘On The Prowl‘ will be released digitally and on CD, Cassette, and 2 different color variant records. Purple/Blue Marble is wide and Pink/Purple Marble will be a limited edition signed. All versions will be the entire 13 song album.

History falls on two sides of one line. There was the age before Steel Panther—but let’s be honest, no one cares about any of that. And then, there was the age after Steel Panther, which is all that matters. Since Steel Panther clawed their way out of the Sunset Strip and onto the global stage, rock ‘n’ roll has kicked ass once again. For the uninitiated, Steel Panther was formed in 2000. Hailing from Los Angeles, the epicenter for rock n’ roll in all its debauchery and glamour, Steel Panther has established themselves as the world’s premier party band, melding hard rock virtuosity with parody and criminally good looks.

They have continuously flown the flag for heavy metal higher than anybody this century. 2009’s Feel The Steel announced their arrival as saviors of rock, showing guests such as Corey Taylor of Slipknot and Stone Sour, M. Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold, Justin Hawkins of The Darkness, and Scott Ian of Anthrax how it’s done! On its heels, Balls Out [2011] boasted collaborations with everyone from Chad Kroeger of Nickelback and Nuno Bettencourt to Dane Cook. The group unleashed a string of banging LPs, namely All You Can Eat [2014], Lower The Bar [2017], and Heavy Metal Rules [2019]. Meanwhile, they earned ink from Billboard, Classic Rock, Consequence, Metal Hammer, and more, tallying hundreds of millions of streams views in the process. They’ve logged countless miles on the road (and stolen groupies from) Aerosmith and Stone Sour in addition to leaving festivals such as Download begging for more.